No judgement

My brain is all pent up in novel revisions, re-reads, notes, re-writes. I am marinating in influences, ideas, scenes, settings, characteristic traits. Which is all to say, I’m a bit distracted, so you’ll have to forgive me for being brief.

Points of interest:

– It rained here in Tucson yesterday, which means the monsoon season might come after all. So maybe I won’t just dry up into a small, hard bean and then disappear in a cloud of dust.

– Did we all see Alison Bechdel’s recent comic in the New Yorker? No? Yes? No? Yes? Sometimes I get depressed about how long it will be before I get to read a new Bechdel book (I’m just guessing, but I don’t think it’s going to be, say, tomorrow), and this provides a temporary balm for the like-minded.

– Need some afternoon reading? There’s a pretty great new issue of Waxwing Magazine up.