Stating the obvious

This past week or two, I’ve been a regular Calamity Jane. It started with an unbelievable dragging cold, which progressed from my throat (sore to the point of voicelessness) to my whole body (i.e. I was exhausted) up into my nose, where it remains today, a shadow of itself. I went to the ENT to have my surgeried ear checked out and was reminded yet again what a shock it had been to the surgeon to see my brain. (But I’m better now!)

Then, just as the cold was clearing up, my body decided to sprout an unexpected, festive array of hives. Even at this moment, my hands are a puffy mess.

On the other hand, we’ve seen beautiful weather in Tucson, ranging from legitimate cold (hey, we dipped below freezing!), complete with snow on the mountains, to a wonderfully balmy spring. The part of me that remembers summer is loathe to enjoy warm temperatures, but that’s nothing new – I always have to remind myself to enjoy the perfect weather in Arizona when it’s here.

Ok. I have things to do, people to see, worlds to conquer. Have you all read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel? If not, how about you do? It’s simply wonderful – a rich world, a strange and beautiful experience.

Other odds & ends, if you want more reading right this moment:
– I published this (very short) story in Issue 1: Fauna of the new journal Anthropoid Collective.
– I published a comic (which has never appeared on this site) in the Poetry Comix & Animation folio of Drunken Boat 20.