Dear honey

You know how sometimes you get a ridiculous idea, and you think, “Why would I do anything less ridiculous than this idea? What is life, anyway, if I am less ridiculous than this?”

Well now you know how I often choose the subjects of my comics. I should probably start applying this principle to the rest of my life, because it sounds fun.

This morning, Dave and I left the house at the same moment, and it was so foggy that you couldn’t see farther than 10 feet in the distance, which is not a normal look for Tucson, but hey: lookin’ good. Now it’s mostly sunny and I miss that cool, wet darkness that hovered over us for a few hours today, while we woke up.

PS: I’m very excited to have a story in the newly redesigned Kenyon Review. There may be time travel involved. Plus, office politics. Go ahead, pick one up, read it, go right ahead and do that thing go ahead and do it go on now.