Power stoats

Hello dear friends & cherished readers,

A few things! First & foremost, why don’t you go and take a look at the brand new author website that Dave designed and built for me? It’s right here, and I think it’s quite nice. QUITE NICE INDEED.

Second, have you added The Daughters to your Goodreads lists yet? If not, why don’t you go ahead & do so? And why not encourage all your friends & neighbors to do so? And maybe some people whom you’ve only just met, but who seem nice, and who like literature (or who WOULD like literature if they just met the right novel)? Here’s the link again. Go right ahead.

Third, did you know you can PRE-ORDER The Daughters? Perhaps you have already done so. WHY NOT AGAIN? Pre-order hundreds! Or at least a few. And all those friends/colleagues/strangers/literate sasquatches you asked to add the book on Goodreads might want to pre-order it too? There are lots of places and ways.

Fourth, I drew the protagonist (Vivian Apple) of Katie Coyle’s book as a stoat last week, and I so enjoyed drawing stoats that I thought I’d do it again, and add some pizazz, and well, here we are. STOATS IN SPACE. Power stoats.

Fifth, the Seahawks are in the Superbowl AGAIN, my god, didn’t that seem improbable during most of Sunday’s game? BUT IT HAPPENED. And now the small part of my ego/identity that is tied to a particular sports team is all riled up.

How was your week?