Pick your trope

It’s spring. In Tucson, that means it’s already hot. A bit hotter than anyone seems to have expected; I’ve lived here long enough to expect that people (me included) will complain about the heat as soon as it begins, and will always compare it unfavorably to the past. I have not lived here long enough to categorically dismiss all the nervous rumblings about how unusually warm this winter was (sorry NYC), or that it’s strange to already be in the 90s.

Two other things:

1. Dave and I are thinking seriously about buying a house, which that means I am spending all my spare time looking at pictures of empty houses. (Or else judging people’s furniture.)

2. The document where I back up all my comic blog posts is now untenably large. I know this because it just informed me there were too many typos and grammatical errors for Microsoft Word to keep track of. (Don’t judge; there’s a lot of HTML in there.) I didn’t know such an error existed, and it delights me. I’ve now shared this delight with you.

Oh, and I just read Samantha Harvey’s novel Dear Thief, which I thought was quite good, if strange in parts. Please someone chat with me about it.

Next week: AWP!