Some more of my favorite things

The draw-to-post speed on this comic was almost unprecedented, and I can’t help but fear that there will be no eternal reward for it except the satisfaction of a job well done. But, since that’s so, let me brag about it: twelve hours! That’s pretty fast, guys.

I drew this quickly last night because I was in New York this weekend/last week, on a wonderful trip set up by Liveright to talk about my novel The Daughters, which is coming out in August. So soon! Guys, that’s so soon! You can already pre-order the book, and I know that it’s available for hold-putting in at least one library system (Multnomah County libraries – hi Portland!).

A few people have asked me what they can do to help with the book or to get me to visit them for readings, and the best thing you can do right now is:

1. Order it! And encourage other people to order it!
2. Mention it wherever you hang out on the internet! #thedaughters if that’s not too nerdy!
3. Ask your library to order it, and then put a hold on it when they do!
(Libraries will do this guys. LIBRARIES ARE AMAZING.)
4. Request a review copy from Liveright and then review it!

So there you go. Just some ideas.

New York was just great. I got to meet my agent Emma and my editor Katie and a bunch of other lovely people at Norton/Liveright and Brandt & Hochman. Plus, the attendees at the media lunch were AMAZING and I adored them all. And I got to make real-life friends with Rachel Fershleiser, who is a dreamboat. Did you know?

Then I hung out with college + MFA friends in Brooklyn, which I REALLY CAN’T COMPLAIN about because IT WAS THE BEST and I love them. We went to the Brooklyn Banya, and let a (much-gentler-than-the-babushkas-in-Piter) man hit us with oak branches in a steam room (normally it’s birch branches; not in this case I guess) – which sounds like a traumatic assault, but is actually a spa treatment. Rejuvenating!

On top of all this, I found out that I was selected to attend this year’s Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop in June and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. The workshop was designed to improve science literacy among writers, thus improving it for the reading public, which is a wonderful mission, plus OMG SPACE CAMP.

It was a great week.