Clear your mind

This is one of those posts I’m scheduling ahead of time, which I always suspect (for some reason not based in experience) won’t work. It probably will! But the vague, nagging worry adds spice to my life.

Tomorrow (that’s today, to you people) I’m flying to New York to do a media lunch with the wonderful people at Liveright plus (as you might guess) some media, talking up my novel The Daughters. (Maybe you want to pre-order it now?)

(You already have?)

(Order another?)

(Or six?)

Going to New York means I get to meet my agent Emma and my editor Katie both IN PERSON which is an ALL-CAPS EXCITING AFFAIR. Katie has some sort of terrible death flu, but I am sending a great many well-wishes her way, and hopefully the combination of those + actual medicine will do the trick.

Other things I have planned for New York: museums, xiao long bao, banya, friendship, everything being wonderful.

I might be looking forward to it.