Feather, every feather

Guys, you may not know this, but it takes an incredibly long time to put a house together right. (Actually, there’s a good chance you DO know this, as I should have too, but somehow the memory had crept out of me, and the whole process has been one lengthy shock to the system.) Luckily, my mother-in-law (who has better stamina and design sense than me) has been here to help us through the process. Love seats ordered! Stove delivered! Lady coming over to talk to us about installing blinds because right now our windows are completely uncovered, including in the bedroom! (What fun, the sunlight in the early morning!)

It’ll be awhile still before we’re 100% settled, because there’s still a renovation to live through to turn the workshop into a studio, which means there will still be some boxes of junk floating around, waiting for a proper home. And the furniture, though ordered, has not been delivered. But the place looks much better! Our kitchen is organized! I no longer am condemned to wander my own home in a fog of uncertainty about where I live or who I am or what on earth we are doing here!

Many high-fives to be had by all. And guys. GUYS. My book comes out in just a month and a half! THAT’S CRAZY. Get your pre-order and Goodreads engines running! (& go ahead & rate/review the book if you got an advanced copy!) Get ready to see me come read and sign in a few places! (TBA, but we’re working on it!) GET READY TO READ MY BOOK.

And in the meantime, if you need something to read, here are two excellent and wrenching poems by Molly Rose Quinn in The Offing mag.