Beary, beary close

THE COUNTDOWN IS REAL, GUYS. My novel comes out in what feels like minutes, but what is, in practical terms, more like a week and a half. One interesting fact about the publishing process (which a few of you have probably gleaned) is that unless you’re J.K. Rowling starting on, like, book 3 of Harry Potter, pub dates are a bit loose: so, August 3rd is my official pub date, but a few places have already started shipping books, and THAT MEANS YOU COULD POTENTIALLY HAVE IT NOW.

Don’t you want to be as happy as this guy? (That’s my uncle.)

As a reminder: the best, best things you can be doing to help the book at this point are:

– Ordering it! Ask your local indie to stock it (they may already have some!) or buy it for yourself from any number of fine locations.

– Putting a hold on the book at your local library, and/or asking them to order it for you! Even if you’re getting a copy yourself, it doesn’t hurt to show the library that there’s interest in the book. (& FYI: asking a library to order something can usually be done easily, online. Or, if you like analog transactions, call them up or ask the nice person behind the desk!)

– Talk about the book on social media! Or to real people, with faces and hands!

– Get your book club (or a frightened, random book club) to read & discuss the book! If you want, & the timing works, I can Skype in or call or otherwise talk to you guys, should that be your personal jam.

– Come see me if/when I read in your town! As of this moment, I know of a few readings coming up (& I’ll publicize these & any other dates more in the coming days):

1. Changing Hands, Tempe, AZ: August 19, 7pm

2. Book Works, Albuquerque, NM: September 1st, 7pm

3. Collected Works, Santa Fe, NM: September 3rd (time tba)

4. September 14, Google, Inc. Authors@Google talk! (time tba)

5. September 14, Books Inc, Mountain View, CA evening time tba (I think!)

6. September 15, Green Apple Books, San Francisco CA, WITH MARVELOUS KATIE COYLE!, 7:30pm

7. September 16th, Book Passage, San Francisco, CA, 6pm

8. November 17th, Arizona State University Art Museum, (time tba), reading as part of the 30th Anniversary Gala for the ASU MFA program in creative writing (hooray!)

There will be more to come, I think! Though that’s already quite a lot. Ok! Have a great week! Watch out for small, hidden bears!