Welcome, welcome, welcome

My book is out! The Daughters is in the world! I would love to offer some cogent analysis of what publication week is like, but really I’m still smack-dab in the middle of it, so all I can do is talk in happy garbled emoji. (And encourage you to please buy and read and review and recommend my book, of course.)

As recently as last week, I wondered how much publication day would make a difference to me. A lot of people already had the book, I reasoned; how could an arbitrary day change anything? And in some ways it doesn’t, but – I did feel a subtle emotional shift. As if my body recognized, As of today, your book is in the world, in every way. There are no more lines for my book to cross, to become a book. It’s there. It’s real. That is quite wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point, and to all of you (now & forever) who read this and any future book I write, who read and support my comics. People keep sending me timid congratulatory emails, the theme of which seem to be “I’m sure you’re tired of getting these emails,” but you know what? I’m not. I’m not over it at all. Thank you each and every one, I love you.

A few things before I send you on your merry way:

– The Daughters received a beautiful review from NPR books by Carmen Maria Machado, which I encourage you to check out. I could not feel more understood than this. It’s really wonderful, and I’m grateful for it, and a little blown away.

–  I published an essay (which I think is quite fun) about truth & lies in fiction over at the Tin House Open Bar. Take a look!

Bustle really outdid themselves with this rad list of the Best Books of August, and I’m delighted to see The Daughters on it, and in such excellent company!

– The Toast published some of my odd animal cartoons for pub day and I really cannot say enough good things about them (the Toasties I mean). They’re just swell.

– Keep an eye on The Lit Hub this Friday, that’s all I’ll say!

And a final thought: if you love the book, please review it on Amazon and Goodreads and everywhere (especially if you don’t, uh, have my same name) to help get the word out!

Big, big love to everyone. Really, really really.