Part 4 of ???

A few nice things have happened this week:

  1. On Monday, Dave and I (individually for now, since he’s in DC for work) celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Nice! I like that guy.
  2. On Tuesday, The Daughters officially came out in paperback. Sweet! Now you can take my book on vacation without adding a lot of hardcover weight to your beach tote. (Or however you choose to vacation.) The paperbacks are just as beautiful as the hardcovers; I strongly encourage you to buy one.
  3. In general, I’m still the Writer-in-Residence for the Tucson Public Library this summer (via a program launched & sponsored by the State Library of Arizona), and so far my favorite part is holding open office hours for local writers (Tues. 10 -12 downtown at Main; Fridays 10 – 1 at Himmel Park). Plus, tomorrow (Thursday) is my first public workshop, at Abbett Library. Come on by!
  4. Also on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee for a major party. I have been a Hillary supporter for this entire election, but even I was surprised by the force of my emotions watching her speak (& following Women & Allies twitter last night, which was quite fun). I’ve been crying a lot, happy silly tears. I know there are Sanders supporters who are sad (and…more than sad), and I respect that: I think that Sanders’s role in the campaign by & large elevated the dialogue and pushed Hillary to be a more progressive candidate, and I think that’s all to the good.
  5. But, as a woman, it is an electric feeling to suddenly know that there might (god, please let us hope) be a female President in my lifetime. Hillary Clinton’s gender is not the only reason I voted for her – I also think she’s the most qualified candidate for the job (don’t @ me bros). But I am also unashamed by being VERY VERY EXCITED that she is a woman. She could be the first. female. President. Do you really feel that in your gut? For all of our history, despite our national ideals of equality for all (which…we could have a long conversation about the ways in which we don’t live up to this, but I’m talking about women in general here) we have NEVER HAD A FEMALE PRESIDENT. As an adult, that has broken my heart a little bit every day. Now, I am happy. Now I am looking forward. Hillary Rodham Clinton for President, yes she can.