Part 6 of ???

Onward & upward with this poor little fox!

In other news, briefly, I have a story in the new issue of Ecotone (not the Sound issue, which is what I currently see up on the website, but the one that will come after that), which I’m told just came back from the printers. So now is a great time to order one! I think Brad Watson is also in this issue, and he’s pretty sharp. I’ve been wanting to publish with Ecotone for years, and I’m really excited to have a story with them at last!

Also, the House Democrats are staging a Congressional sit-in until they can get some common-sense gun control measures on the table, and I am HERE FOR IT.

And finally, it is hot as the blazes here. But we have a lot of bird activity in our yard, including hummingbirds & a suddenly-quite-visible nest of woodpecker hatchlings (we had to have a big tree trimmed before the monsoons, and accidentally displaced the nest. Now the nest is on a ladder next to the tree, to keep it off the ground, and still being tended by the mama birds. We’re being careful to mostly keep distance & not to ever touch the birds, but it’s fun to peek in from time to time).