Part 7 of ??? (but we’re getting closer to the end!)

We’re rounding a corner towards the end of the story of the little fox! What will become of him??

Speaking of things ending, this is the last week of operation for one of my all-time favorite websites, The Toast. As luck (& hustle) would have it, today they’re publishing one last comic by me, and I’m so, so happy(/sad) to be part of their final week.

The Toast is an incredibly special place – just to give you an idea, it’s probably the only place on the internet where reading the comments on any given post is a good idea. Founding editors Mallory Ortberg & Nicole Cliffe, and managing editor Nicole Chung do an amazing job not only showcasing some of the most interesting, subversive, funny, niche, Happy Misandrist, Tom Bombadil-esque writing and art on the internet, they also carefully prune the comment section to maintain it as a positive space. One Toast commenter gave another one a kidney. I took part in a gift package exchange this summer. At one of my San Francisco readings for The Daughters, a Toastie I’d never met came and bought a book, simply because I mentioned it on an Open Thread. I am going to miss the commenting community as much as the rest; it’s a truly special place.

Many people have said many wonderful things about The Toast; just see this week’s NPR “Toast to the Toast” for one example. I can’t imagine I’d ever have found another place to publish my James Joyce zombie fanfiction. Oh god, now I’m crying.

Anyway, if you’ve never heard of The Toast, the archives are staying up, so says Nicole Cliffe, “until the heat death of the universe,” so you have some time. But just: thank you for existing Toast. Thank you Toast editors. Thank you Toast writers & readers. Thank you world for a few truly good things, even if nothing silver stays.