These are the first days of fall

I think that pretty much every fall I get the urge to share Stephen Dobyns’s poem “How to Like It,” and it turns out that this year is no different. (At that link, you’ll have to scroll down; oh no! More poems!)

A few things:

  1. This weekend we went apple picking and then to a pumpkin patch. It was gloriously fall-like, and also they were both out near the old ranch where I used to ride, and I miss that place, long though the drive might be.
  2. It’s my older sister’s birthday! Happy birthday.
  3. One of my teachers recently lost his mother, and I am thinking about that a lot, which makes the Dobyns poem feel very appropriate, even though I drew this comic before I found out.

In other, other news, the show ‘Pitch’ is pretty great so far, and Julie Buntin’s novel Marlena (which isn’t out till next year, but is worth waiting for) broke my heart in all the best ways.