Bad first date comics

Hello! I’m back from vacation! It was extremely restful & all-around perfect, and now there is a distinct taste of fall in the Tucson air. It’s still 80+, but the mornings are cool, the air smells sweet and wet, and you can feel that the season has turned. It’s great. I made pumpkin bread!

In other good news, the 2016 O. Henry Prize Story anthology from Anchor Books is now available! HOORAY. Just to refresh your memory, I HAVE A STORY IN THERE, and I am thrilled to have it showcased alongside so much incredible work in an anthology I admire so deeply. This is really a dream come true, and you should buy one, because: capitalism (I guess). (Also just because it’s a great read & a beautifully edited book of some of the best short fiction of the year.)

If you’re in the Halloween + election mood, you might also consider checking out my political horror story “Big Boss Bitch” in the latest issue of Zyzzva, which is a fantastic journal. I’m really proud of it & happy to be included.

Ok, I guess I need to go eat a lot more pumpkin bread now. Happy to be home!