Let’s try to keep the wheel turning

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions: in general if there’s something I want, I seek it right away, no waiting till January. As true this year as any. Keep trying to do good, I say. Keep trying to do right.

For New Year’s Eve, Dave and I uncharacteristically went somewhere and did something (we both got burned pretty hard by a party some ~8 years ago in Chicago when we couldn’t get a cab home for 7 hours and ended up sleeping on the floor of a friend’s apartment). Our friends Lela and Bree got married (beautifully) and held a (beautiful, not to mention damn entertaining) party, and I cannot think of a better way to have spent the last minutes of 2016 or the first minutes of 2017. The next day was rainy and sleepy and slow; I read Michelle Tea’s Black Wave, which is great, and I took a bath in our enormous, luxurious tub.

Now I am back to work, as are we all. The new Congress is in session. Let’s begin.


In the meantime, a few practical items: