Gumdrop, lemon drop, snowdrop, sugar

This Saturday is my 33rd birthday.

Good things are happening.

I got up at six so I’m really sleepy, but I remembered why it’s worth it to get up early in the hot spring/summer: i.e. it’s incredible outside at that hour.

I rode my horse past a hawk’s nest today, and saw the baby hawks and the mama hawk and then later we crossed a bridge and saw an owl.

When I’m particularly tired I fall into this sort of listing, which provides to me the illusion of having organized thoughts, when in fact I’m just having one thought after the other.

That’s ok though.

This hummingbird, by the way, is based on a real hummer that visits my garden and drinks from the hose. It also plays in the water, and then lands and looks at me in the eye, and I love it very much.