Sorry in advance for any comic/blog post tonal dissonance






(Yes, that’s exactly the level of intelligent discourse you’d expect from a professional writer, isn’t it?)

Genuinely: I am ecstatic. It’s coming out with Bloomsbury (!!) in 2018, and my new editor is spectacularly great, and I love this book so much. (I would share the title with you, but we’re coming up with a new one, so: you’ll know when I know?) I was so happy while writing this book that I would sometimes giggle to myself, overcome by self-manufactured mirth.

Here’s the text of the deal announcement, to give you an idea:

“O. Henry Award winning author of The Daughters, Adrienne Celt’s untitled novel set in the 1920s and ‘30s and pitched as inspired by the infamous Nabokov marriage, in which a young refugee from the Soviet Union barely survives the alien landscape of an all-girls New Jersey prep school and becomes ensnared in a dangerous love triangle, to Lea Beresford at Bloomsbury, in a pre-empt, by Emma Patterson at Brandt & Hochman.”

I’ve known about this for over a week, which is why my blog posts were getting progressively dreamy and content. But now I can just spit glitter!

And so I shall.