Yes, most stones are magic stones (but you don’t want to make that mistake more than once)

Despite my good intentions from last week to push myself and blog a bit more, I must say, today is shaping up to be a short one. This past weekend, while putatively a 4-day weekend without work, I spent many 8-hour sessions working on edits to my new novel, and so I am, now, more exhausted on the Wednesday after a long holiday than I would normally be at the end of a week.

Some nice things I nonetheless did this weekend: went to a party with a kiddie pool that everyone put their feet in, which made it (for the first time in a long time) pleasant to be outdoors for an extended period of time; got a massage (which is always nice); ate a peach cobbler; watched some fireworks.

It was also, actually, very satisfying to push through so much work on my book, because the more work I do the closer it is to being a real, finished book in the world, which is very exciting. And if I now feel like I need a nap as I turn back to my day job – well. That feels pretty worth it.