Dave said a hawk flew into our window the other day and dropped a dead dove and then flew haughtily away

Lately I have been very tired in the evenings. Also the late afternoons. Sometimes the mornings. I’m hoping (?) this is just the inevitable result of business and stress, and not some unforeseen vitamin deficiency, though I suppose at least a vitamin deficiency could be cured with vitamins. As it stands, I feel like what I need is rest, and what I am not likely to get is rest, but hey, I have a pretty fortunate life, so I guess…just…try some vitamins?

We’ve had lovely visitors the past few days, Dave’s mom and his sister and her daughter Elsie. I have become very good buds with Elsie, who is bright and sharp as a pin, and who, when I called her Pumpkin Pie yesterday said, “Well then you’re cupcake!” She’s four. She’s very good. They are all very good.

I have more visitors coming soon, and then more visitors, and then two more visitors, and then I guess my book comes out? It’s very exciting, and I am, as I’ve said, very tired. My dad asked me the other day if the visitors are helping distract me from being nervous about the book’s reception, and I thought about this—because, kind of?—and said, honestly, “No, not really. I’m very good at multi-tasking.”

Birds keep landing in my garden and eating my seedlings and I’m torn between being delighted by all the birdsong and fledglings, and wanting to spray them with the hose to stop them gobbling up my tender shoots. (I have sprayed a few with the hose.)

I’m genuinely happy and excited about everything, and also tired, and I think that’s ok? It’s ok if that’s just how I am for the next few months? It had better be.