Let’s just try and see where it leaves us.

Since pre-posting worked splendidly while I was at AWP, I have a reasonable expectation that this pre-post will work as well. We’ll see! It adds a spice (i.e. the possibility of failure) to life.

Tomorrow I’m flying to New York for work, where I will hunker down in a trendy loft space in Brooklyn for two days or so. I wish I could say that I will have time for exciting literary events while I’m there, but it is far more likely that I will have dinner with a friend and then fall asleep somewhat early in my hotel. These are the excitements. I may also re-read Pnin.

(Which I am actually quite excited about. The dinner/friends, too.)

(The work should be fine. But not so fine as Pnin!)

At any rate, it is a bit late for me to be entirely as quippy (I’ve been listening to Game of Thrones on tape while walking Paul and – incidentally – drawing these comics, and the one thing I don’t really like about it is how every time Tyrion or Little Finger says anything it’s followed by “he quipped.” The dialogue tags! I could talk at length about them) or erudite as one might wish. Instead, I leave you with a few links that I fully intend to read myself tomorrow (if I have in-flight internet), or whenever (I do end up having internet).

First, I read these two interviews on the same day, and I think they make for an interesting pair:
Aleksander Hemon in Guernica
Tomas Dobozy in The Rumpus

And, a bunch of stories (George Saunders! Amy Hempel! Borges!) you can read online, courtesy of Flavorwire.

Oh, and while we’re at it, also Lauren Groff in Guernica. Why not?!

There was more, but I lost track. That’s enough, don’t you think? If you read the stories. I do (think).