The year is extinct

I just about forgot that I drew a comic for this week, what with taking last week off and it being a holiday when everything is closed. As luck would have it, though, everything being closed (favorite coffee shop, breakfast place, etc.) means that Dave and I are sitting around home an unprecedented amount on this holiday morning (normally we would be at aforementioned breakfast place), which gave me an opportunity to use my damn brain.

We also poached eggs. Off to a good start, then.

I’m not very big on time-specific resolutions, because I find that integrating important habits into my daily life whenever they occur to me is a better way to actually get stuff done. (For me. If you like NY resolutions, I have no problem with you.) There’s less weight of expectation, etc. I am also not that interested in writing a big retrospective on my year, though I suspect that has more to do with the fact that I write incident-triggered retrospectives all the time, and today I just feel happy and lazy.

Which is a-ok.

Anyhow, an embarrassment of literary riches went out into the world this morning (I’m going to include recent or close-upcoming mornings as well, but a lot of these actually went live today), so instead of looking back or forward, let us look at what’s right in front of us: new reading. Here is a not at all comprehensive list of great stuff.

– January YEW Journal, with a fantastic lineup. I think that YEW is turning the corner into their last year, so take a look at this great publication now!
– New print edition of Hobart! Always exciting.
Redivider came out with a new issue, featuring my good friend Lyndsey Reese, who has an incredibly keen eye and unexpected wit. (“Unexpected” not because she isn’t funny in real life – she is – but because it emerges quite cleverly and organically in her writing.)
– This isn’t a literary journal, and I mean, I guess it’s frivolous and silly, but oh man I love the @RealCarrotFacts Twitter stream.

Ok! Let us all undertake to have a wonderful new year. Dave and I finished our previous year out by watching Eraserhead, so that was weird. (It also sent me down a rabbit hole of David Lynch factoid searching, which spun off into an Agent Cooper/Kyle MacLachlan searching, which led me to the YouTube videos starring Kyle MacLachlan’s dogs. It’s…I…well. The world is so big and unexpected.)