The sun just looks so small to my tiny, human eyes.

Friends, countrymen, other-countrymen, it is the one-week anniversary of my ear surgery and all is well. Or at least, things are better. After the surgery I was made to understand that my cholesteatoma (i.e. benign skin tumor thing) was enormous and had likely been inhabiting my ear for upwards of 20 years, and in so doing had destroyed 2.5 of my ear bones. I was also given to understand that it was resting against my brain casing, and in turn you are now given to understand that my heebie-jeebies were exceedingly deep and serious.

The surgeon also had to move a nerve in order to complete the surgery, so my ear has been numb (less and less so, thankfully; I kept having to ask Dave if my ear looked black and dead, and although he told me it did not – and although the mirror bore out his testimony – it still felt really weird). Shudder.

Anyway, never let it be said that I let a little light head surgery get in the way of drawing a birthday comic for a friend, depicting a mockingly long-limbed bird in mocking reference to her extremely long arms. Because you can see with your own eyes that I have indeed drawn said birds. Oh yes, I have.

Happy Wednesday, all.