And we ride with them.

Ok guys, TODAY IS THE DAY. Today around 2pm MST a trained surgeon will use sharp implements to cut into my ear and hopefully make it better. Recovery time is not supposed to be too bad, but I still feel like I’m looking into an uncertain future. I don’t enjoy going under general anesthetic (well, does anyone?) or taking painkillers, because I don’t enjoy feeling like my thoughts and emotions are outside of my own control. (Yes, I’m a peach.)

Hopefully it will all go well, no side effects, un-infected ear. Well-wishes are appreciated!

In other news:

1. My novel The Daughters is up on Goodreads, where you can add it to your To Read list (please do!) and generally contribute to the foment of excitement.

2. This past weekend was Tucson’s All Souls parade, in (yes, late) celebration of the Day of the Dead. One of my best friends from grad school came to town for a magnificent desert horseback ride, a lot of good food (all the over-eating seems like such a solid decision given that this morning, pre-operative, I can’t eat or drink anything), and to walk in the parade with me.

We actually went to the parade last year, too, and were blown away by how beautiful and community-driven it is (there’s no corporate sponsorship, which is pretty cool) – this year, we wanted to participate a bit more. Although our dreams of gigantic wire-and-papier-mache puppets came to naught, we did decorate black umbrellas with white-and-glow-in-the-dark sugar skulls, accented by our own black clothing & sugar skull makeup. Like last year, it was lovely, moving, and a lot of fun.

Plus, how often do you get to tell people: “Oh yes, my friend is flying in so we can attend a parade.” It made me feel comical and also filthy rich. Thanks, B.