Multitudes of all kinds

Friends, poppets, I decided to post my comic early this week, because tomorrow Dave & Ry & Kim & I are driving up to Utah to visit family for Thanksgiving, and it just made more sense. There: more explanation than you needed.

I am deeply sad that the Grand Jury in Ferguson did not see fit to indict Darren Wilson. People who know the law much better than me (not hard) have emphasized to me how incredibly rare it is for a Grand Jury not to call for an indictment: this article contains the fairly stunning statistic that in 2010 there were 162,000 Grand Jury investigations (which, lets remember, are not trials in which all the evidence is meant to be considered; a Grand Jury investigation only decides whether a trial is merited) and in only 11 cases declined to indict. It’s hard for me not to see racism at work in this situation.

But, I am one person, and I’m just going to offer some more options for reading about this case, because my thoughts and opinions cannot be definitive when I am not involved in any way. That said, I think that what happened in Ferguson is a part of the current American fabric, that none of us can escape it. It is connected to us all.

NPR on the Grand Jury investigation, including Grand Jury documents & transcripts.

Roxane Gay, writing about the decision.

Legal experts at ThinkProgress.

And finally, if you want to donate to the Ferguson public library (which is remaining open today despite the protests, and providing a safe space & programming to kids while schools are closed) you can do so here.