Five o’clock somewhere

Though many people who know me have already heard this, I’m excited to announce that The Daughters won the 2015 PEN Southwest Book Award! (You can read the judge’s comments here.) I could not be happier about this, or more excited to see my book recognized alongside the insanely talented Tara Ison (who won for Non-Fiction) and Allison Hedge Coke (who won for poetry).


In other news, our studio renovation continues apace, and I just looked at my schedule for the next six months and got gently terrified.

In other other news (and speaking of people with overwhelming schedules), Lisa Lucas (who you may know as the publisher of the outstanding online journal Guernica) is going to be the new Executive Director of the National Book Foundation. Lisa is a brilliant, hard-working force of nature, and she is going to do exciting things, mark my words.