Gather ye round children, and listen to the tale of a horrifying – and yet hilarious! – internet theory about multiple realities. Seriously, have I not already talked about the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears glitch theory? It blew my mind when I first heard about it: basically, there is a subset of the internet/world that believes the universe split at some point and many of us who grew up in a universe where the bears were “Berenstein” are now trapped in a world where they are forever “Berenstain.” I genuinely have no memory of the “Berenstain Bears,” only “Berenstein,” and though I logically accept this is just a mis-remembered fact based on the more common suffix -stein vs. -stain, it still seems just creepy enough to enjoy.

Why is this relevant? It’s related to the story that this week’s comic is based on, which I found on a “Glitch in the Matrix” subreddit, where people talk about their worlds bending in inexplicable ways.

All that is to say: Happy Halloween!