Sometimes these comics just write themselves

Hello sports fans (where “sports” should be read as “existential inquiries situated in the mouths of pen-and-ink animals in quotidian situations”)! I have to go get a CT scan in a few minutes, and as a result have not been allowed to eat breakfast, so I feel sort of punchy.

I also feel like the world has been throwing a lot at me lately, which is kind of annoying when it’s still routinely reaching the high 80s during the day, because I can’t even curl up in a heavy sweater and sip hot tea to soothe my woes. Unjust, I say. Unjust! We have been getting into the mid-50s at night, at least, which means that sleeping with the windows open is now a real possibility.

About two days ago I started thinking about ways to discuss the toxic sludge of abuse scandals that have been all over the news lately; a way to talk about why these hit me so personally, and why I think they hit most women so personally. But now I am hungry and about to get my head irradiated, and I find I no longer want to add to the litany of traumas, at least not so publicly, not at the moment. So instead I send my love to everyone who has been speaking out, and to everyone who’s been affected by seeing such a steady drip of, as I have already called it, sludge.

I love the lovable among you, who are many.