Leap the abyss, which is full of strawberries, too

Well, it’s THAT political anniversary. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m still heartbroken about it, we are still living through it, the country is still confused and eating its own foot, and I am tired of it. That said, there were great successes in the state elections last night, so I suppose we can take our victories when they come.

I’m still incredibly sad, too, about the death of Naira Kuzmich, which I mentioned last week: such a talented writer, such an arbitrary end to her story. I am bitter and unconsoled about this.

Also, last week I found out I need surgery on my ear in December, for the same condition (a cholesteatoma; do not image search this) I had a few years ago. It’s ok I guess. I am more consoled about this, because it’s happened before and it wasn’t that bad, but I still wish it wasn’t happening again.

Good things continue to happen, too. It rained last night. It’s been cooler. I stood outside at night and felt water on my face, and the plants seem refreshed, and it smells incredible. I have ideas floating around in my head. I have plans. I am tired but not so tired as not to continue.

This weekend was the Tucson All Souls Procession, which continues to be one of my favorite parts of the year in this city. I finally got decent face paints & paintbrushes, and was able to do a much better job with my makeup this year. It was a new route, and I was worried turnout might be lower since the parking situation was a bit unclear, but the procession was as wonderfully crowded as ever, full of life and sorrow and community and love. As always, there was a point in the walk when I felt a great weight settle down on me, but it was/is a familiar and friendly weight, exactly the weight that’s supposed to be there, given the circumstances. It feels, during that procession, as if anyone around me might be a ghost, and I would never know it: we are all walking together, the living and the dead. More palpably then than at other times. I suppose I did have a moment of consolation for and about Naira then.

Anyway, you’re all beautiful and I love you. My new book showed up for pre-order on Amazon, and I continue to get some lovely blurbs from incredible writers, which I will enthuse about in due time. Naturally I would love you to buy the book from an independent bookseller when that becomes possible, so keep an ear out – I’ll let you know. But it’s fun to see the book making its way into the world, revealing itself to me and everyone, bit by bit.